function cdb_advancedQuery(pDataA, pAdvancedMap, pTable, pTarget, pResultFormat, pAggregateA, pRecordID)


This function searches a table using a specified logic map and returns records that match the query.


  • pDataA (Array) - An array defining the queries.
    • [queryID 1] (Array) - Key name is an arbitrary user-defined name for a query.
      • ["key"] (String) - Contains the table key to be queried.
      • ["value"] (String) - Contains the value with which to query.
      • ["operator"] (String) - Contains the operator with which to query. (See operators)
    • *[queryID N] (Array) - The nth query. Repeat query 1's sublevel structure.
  • pAdvancedMap (String) - Defines the advanced map used for the total query. This contains the names of the queries with AND/OR/XOR between them. Parentheses can be used to specify order of operations. e.g. "(query1 AND query2) OR (query3 AND query4)"
  • pTable (String) - The table name or table ID of the table to be queried.
  • pTarget (String) - The place to query records, either "cloud" or "local".
  • *pResultFormat (String) - Specifies the output format when returning matched records.
    • "recordList" (default) - Results are line-delimited lists of record IDs.
    • "recordData" - Results are arrays populated with the full record data of each result.
  • *pAggregateA (Array) - Array containing the following keys:
    • ["aggregateKey"] (String) - The name of the key to perform the aggregation on.
    • ["aggregateFunction"] (String) - Determines the aggregation property.
      • "avg" - The average of the values.
      • "count" - The number of occurrences of each value.
      • "min" - The minimum value.
      • "max" - The maximum value.
      • "sum" - The sum of all the values.
    • ["groupBy"] (String) - The name of the key to sort the query results by. Key is sorted by ascending order.
  • *pRecordID (String) - Line-delimited list of record IDs or "*" for the entire table.

*optional parameter.

Note: To query all the records containing a specific value in ANY keys, use "*" as value of the key "key".



  • (String) - If pResultFormat is "recordList" or if no such key is provided:
    • Output is a line-delimited list of the recordIDs that match the query.
  • (Array) - If pResultFormat is "recordData":
    • Output is an array where each key is a recordID of a record in the specified table that matches the query, with subkeys defined by the schema.

Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access to query data on the cloud.


# Table name: clients                       
# Keys: firstName, lastName, age, income

[12345678-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab]["firstName"] - "John"
                                ["lastName"] - "Smith"
                                ["age"] - "47"
                                ["income"] - "100000"

[87654321-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab]["firstName"] - "Jenny"
                               ["lastName"] - "Smith"
                               ["age"] - "46"
                               ["income"] - "100000"

Example 1:

# We want to find all clients that have last name "Smith" 
# and a first name that ends with "n" or "y".

local tDataA, tAdvancedMap, tTable, tTarget, tResultFormat

# first query
put "lastName" into tDataA["lName"]["key"]
put "=" into tDataA["lName"]["operator"]
put "Smith" into tDataA["lName"]["value"]

# advanced map
put "LName" into tAdvancedMap

put "clients" into tTable
put "cloud" into tTarget
put "recordList" into tResultFormat

put cdb_advancedQuery(tDataA,tAdvancedMap,tTable,tTarget,tResultFormat)

# outputs: 12345678-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab  
#          87654321-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab

# This is a line delimited list containing all record IDs with last name "Smith"
# and first name ending with "n" or "y".

Example 2:

# We want to find the ages of clients that have last name "Smith"
# and the number of clients at each age.

local tDataA, tAdvancedMap, tTable, tTarget, tResultFormat, tAggregateA, tOutputA

# first query
put "lastName" into tDataA["query1"]["key"]
put "=" into tDataA["query1"]["operator"]
put "Smith" into tDataA["query1"]["value"]

# advanced map
put "query1" into tAdvancedMap

# aggregation
put empty into tAggregateA["aggregateKey"]
put "count" into tAggregateA["aggregateFunction"]
put "age" into tAggregateA["groupby"]

put "clients" into tTable
put "cloud" into tTarget
put "recordList" into tResultFormat

put cdb_advancedQuery(tDataA,tAdvancedMap,tTable,tTarget,tResultFormat,tAggregateA) into tOutputA

# output array: tOutputA["46"] - "1"
#                    ["47"] - "1