command cdb_deleteKeys pTable, pKeys, pRecordIDs, pTarget


This command deletes specified keys from a record’s contents. Function may access multiple records from a table.


  • pTable (String) - The name or tableID of the specified table.

  • pKeys (String) - A comma delimited string where each item is a key to be deleted from the record. (Do not include spaces between keys)

  • pRecordIDs (String) - A line delimited string where each line is the cdbRecordID of a record in the specified table.

  • pTarget (String) - The place to create the record, either "cloud" or "local".

Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access to make cloud calls.


local tTable, tKeys, tRecordIDs, tTarget

# Table name: clients
# Keys: firstName, lastName, age, income
# cdbRecordID: 87654321-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab

put "clients" into tTable
put "age,income" into tKeys
put "87654321-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab" into tRecordIDs
put "cloud" into tTarget

cdb_deleteKeys tTable,tKeys,tRecordIDs,tTarget