function cdb_importCSV pTable, pTarget, pPath

Updated 2020/03/10


This function imports CSV data to a local or cloud database. The table and schema (keys) must have been previously created. The header line in the CSV file must be the first line. The CSV header may be delimited by commas, semicolons, or tabs. The body of the CSV data must be delimited by commas.


  • pTable (String) - The name or tableID of the specified table.
  • pTarget (String) - The place to store the imported data, either "cloud" or "local".
  • pPath (String) - The file path location to import the CSV file.


(Array) – The output array is numerically indexed recordIDs.


local tPath, tOutputA

# Table name: clients
# Path: /Users/mark/Desktop/Financial Sample.csv

put "clients" into tTable

answer file "Please select a CSV to import"
put it into tPath

put cdb_importCSV(tTable, "local", tPath) into tOutputA

# Output Array: 
# tOutputA[tableID][1]["2f14e03e-ec74-4fcf-8384-0c60504f8c0c"]
#                  [2]["f580f97f-30e7-4f27-a5e0-c54a988e3a8d"]
#                  [n][n-cdbRecordID]