function cdb_batchCount(pDataA, pTarget)


This function counts the number of records (either cloud or local) in multiple tables.


  • pDataA (Array) - Array with the following format:

    • [table ID 1] (Key) - Key is the first table's ID.
    • [table ID N] (Key)* - Key that is the nth table's ID.
  • pTarget (String) - The place to count the records from, either "cloud" or "local".

*optional parameter.



(String) – Contains the numeric count of records in a list of given tables.

Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access in order to count cloud records.


local tCountA, tDataA, tClientsTableID, tOfficeTableID

#Table Name: clients 
#Table ID: "72a88e4f-c6ba-4fda-9381-2f0b0ca220bd"
#Table Name: office 
#Table ID: "98765432-dcdc-0210-aaaa-975102a357ca"

# There are 24 records in table clients and 12 records in table office on the cloud.

put cdb_tableID("clients") into tClientsTableID                                       
put cdb_tableID("office") into tOfficeTableID

put empty into tDataA[tClientsTableID]
put empty into tDataA[tOfficeTableID]

put cdb_batchCount(tDataA,"cloud") into tCountA

put tCountA[tClientsTableID]
# Output: 24

put tCountA[tOfficeTableID]
# Output: 12