command cdb_batchMerge pDataA, pTarget


This command allows for the modification of a record key's value through comparisons like "is", "is not", "is in", and "is not in". This can be done across multiple keys across multiple records across multiple tables.


  • pDataA (Array) - An array of one or more keys that are the table IDs of the tables being used in the merge.

    • [tableID 1] (Array) - The key is the table ID, containing an array of one or more records for this table.
      • [recordID 1] (Array) - The key record ID of the first record being modified on this first table.
        • [keyName 1] (Array) - The key to be modified. Contains a sub-array with
          • ["value"] (String) - the value to compare against keyName 1's value.
          • ["operator"] (String) - Options for this key's value are: "is", "is in", "is not", "is not in". These are operators to compare "value"'s data to keyName 1's data to perform the merge.
            • "is" - the data in the "value" key will overwrite the data in the record's keyName key.
            • "is in" - Checks the data in keyName seperated by the delimiter to make sure that the data in "value" is somewhere in the data in keyName, otherwise it will append it with the delimiter.
            • "is not" - makes sure the data in keyName is not the data in "value", otherwise it will put empty into the key.
            • "is not in" - Checks the data in keyName seperated by the delimiter to make sure that the data in "value" is not anywhere in the data in keyName, otherwise it removes it with the delimiter.
          • ["delimiter"] (String) - The delimiter used to separate data inside the data in keyName. Recomendations are "," or lf. The default delimiter is ",".
        • *[keyName N] (Key) - Repeat keyName 1's sublevel structure.
      • *[recordID N] (Key) - Repeat recordID 1's sublevel structure.
    • *[tableID N] (Key) - Repeat table ID 1's sublevel structure.
  • pTarget (String) - The place to merge, either "cloud" or "local".

* optional parameter


Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access.


local tDataA, tTarget, tClientsTableID, tOfficeTableID

# Table name: clients                          
# Keys: firstName, lastName, age, income
# Record: 
# [12345678-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab]["firstName"] - "John"
#                                       ["lastName"] - "Smith"
#                                       ["age"] - "47"
#                                       ["income"] - "100000"

# Table name: office
# Keys: name, address
# Record:
# [45678123-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab]["name"] - "Smith's Tech"
#                                       ["address"] - "123 office Road"

put cdb_tableID("clients") into tClientsTableID                                       
put cdb_tableID("office") into tOfficeTableID

##Update John's record
put "48" into tDataA[tClientsTableID]["12345678-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab"]["age"]["value"]
put "is in" into tDataA[tClientsTableID]["12345678-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab"]["age"]["operator"]

##Update Smith's Tech's record
put "road" into tDataA[tOfficeTableID]["45678123-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab"]["address"]["value"]
put "is not in" into tDataA[tOfficeTableID]["45678123-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab"]["address"]["operator"]
put " " into tInputA[tOfficeTableID]["45678123-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab"]["address"]["delimiter"]

put "cloud" into tTarget

cdb_batchMerge tDataA,tTarget

# The tables now look like this:
# Table name: clients                       
# [12345678-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab]["firstName"] - "John"
#                                       ["lastName"] - "Smith"
#                                       ["age"] - "48"
#                                       ["income"] - "100000"

# Table name: office
# [45678123-abcd-1234-cdef-1234567890ab]["name"] - "Smith's Tech"
#                                       ["address"] - "123 office"