command cdb_createUserAccount pProjectName, pEmail, pPassword, pFirstName, pLastName, pPreVerified


This command creates a user account record in the cdbUsers table of a specific project and sends the user an email to verify their account.


  • pProjectName (String) - The name of the project to create the user account for.

  • pEmail (String) - The email to associate with the user's account.

  • pPassword (String) - The password to associate with the user's account.

  • *pFirstName (String) - The user's first name.

  • *pLastName (String) - The user's last name.

  • *pPreVerify (Boolean) - Whether to automatically verify the user or not. If this is true then the user will not need to verify their email prior to being able to log in. If this is false or is not set, the user will need to verify their email prior to logging in.

*optional parameter.

Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access.


# Project Name: meetings

local tProjectName, tEmail, tPassword, tFirstName, tLastName

put "meetings" into tProjectName
put "" into tEmail
put "corasfakeemail" into tPassword
put "Cora" into tFirstName
put "Doe" into tLastName

cdb_createUserAccount tProjectName,tEmail,tPassword,tFirstName,tLastName