function cdb_createBlob(pPath, pTarget, pProject, pFromSync)


This function adds a blob to the database. It will create a copy of the blob either locally or on the cloud.


  • pPath (String) - The location of the blob on disk. This can either be a relative path (based on the default folder), or an absolute path.
  • pTarget (String) - The place to create the blob, either "cloud" or "local".
  • *pProject (String) - The project name to save the blob to. Defaults to the current project. We recommend that you do not set this parameter.
  • *pFromSync (Bool) - This optional key is used internally by the cbd_sync function. If it is true, the database will NOT create a record in the cdbBlobs table. Defaults to false. We recommend that you do not set this parameter.

*optional parameter.


(String) - The blobID of the new blob. This blobID is also the CDBRecordID of the blob in the cdbBlobs table.

Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access in order to create cloud records.


# Project Name: meetings

local tPath, tTarget, tFromSync, tProject, tBlobID

put "/Users/johnsmith/Desktop/blob.png" into tPath
put "cloud" into tTarget

put cdb_createBlob(tPath,tTarget) into tBlobID

# tBlobID now contains the blobID of the created blob: 01234567-abcd-8901-efgh-2345678901ij