function cdb_lookUpValue(pTable, pRecordID, pKey, pTarget)


This function returns the value associated with a given key for a given record.


  • pTable (String) - The specified table name.
  • pRecordID (String) - The record ID of the specified record.
  • pKey (String) - The key to retrieve.
  • pTarget (String) - The place to lookup the record, either "cloud" or "local".


(String) – The value of the given key for the specified record.

Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access to make cloud calls.


local tTable, tRecordID, tKey, tTarget, tValue 

# Table name: clients
# Keys: firstName, lastName, age, income
# Record on the cloud in the clients table 
# with cdbRecordID "123456abcdef" and firstName "John"

put "clients" into tTable
put "123456abcdef" into tRecordID
put "firstName" into tKey
put "cloud" into tTarget

put cdb_lookUpValue(tTable,tRecordID,tKey,tTarget) into tValue

# Output: "John"