function cdb_updateBlob(pPath, pBlobID, pTarget, pProject)


This function updates a specified blob record from either cloud or local, and returns the blobID of the updated blob as an array.


  • pPath (String) - The location of the new blob on disk. This can either be a relative path (based on the default folder), or an absolute path.
  • pBlobID (String) - The blobID of the specified blob.
  • pTarget (String) - The place to update the blob, either "cloud" or "local".
  • *pProject (String) - The project name associated with the blob.

*optional parameter.


(Array) - A "results" key containing the updated blob's blobID whose "blobData" key is empty.


Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access.


# Project Name: meetings
# blobID: 01234567-abcd-8901-efgh-2345678901ij

local tPath, tBlobID, tTarget, tProject, tOutputA

put "/Users/johnsmith/Desktop/updatedBlob.png" into tPath
put "01234567-abcd-8901-efgh-2345678901ij" into tBlobID
put "cloud" into tTarget
put "meetings" into tProject

put cdb_updateBlob(tPath,tBlobID,tTarget,tProject) into tOutputA

# Output Array:
# tOutputA["results"]["01234567-abcd-8901-efgh-2345678901ij"]["blobData"] - empty