command cdb_sendEmail pToI, pFrom, pSubject, pHTMLBody, pTextBody, pAttachmentName, pAttachmentContent


This command will send an email with the specified parameters


  • pToI (String) - Comma-delimited list of email address(es) to send emails to.
  • pFrom (String) - Email address of the sender.
  • pSubject (String) - Subject of the email.
  • *pHTMLBody (String) - HTML content of email.
  • *pTextBody (String) - Text content of email (multipart is used, so this can be used as a fallback if HTML fails/is empty).
  • *pAttachmentName (String) - If we have an attachment, the name of the attachment.
  • *pAttachmentContent (Data) - If we have an attachment, the content of the attachment.

* optional parameter

Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access.


Example 1:

cdb_sendEmail "","","Hello!","<p>This is the HTML Body!</p>","This is the Text Body."

# Email will be sent from Bob to Cora with subject "Hello!"

Example 2:

local tAttachment

# Load our attachment into memory
put url("binfile:attachment.pdf") into tAttachment

cdb_sendEmail "","","Email with Attachment",,"This has an attachment","name.pdf",tAttachment

# Email will be sent from Bob to Cora with attachment "name.pdf"